According to Chinese astrology, the dragon and the tiger are enormously complimentary partners.

  • January 28, 2022

People every so often like to combine those two celestial creatures to create or constitute the yin-yang image, although a few Chinese might select the mixture among the dragon and phoenix to symbolize the yin yang. Both the tiger and dragon are distinctly respected in Chinese way of life. And to this present day, there are many pix of dragons and tigers which are paired off on walls of temples.

When paired with the dragon, tiger represents the Yin electricity (while displayed by myself with out the dragon, it symbolizes the Yang strength). This fearless animal has always represented the admirable traits of electricity and braveness. In feng shui, tiger policies the course of the West and its detail is metallic. The white tiger which rules the west elements of each residence is taken into consideration a yin animal. Visit :- เรื่องแปลกคนจีน

Dragon represents the Yang energy. It is appeared as a symbol of appropriate fortune and luck by Chinese humans. In China, This legendary animal also symbolizes the emperor (specifically the 5-clawed dragon) or the male. In feng shui, dragon policies the path of the east (that’s immediately contrary to the tiger) and its element is wooden. The east is the area of the growing sun, this region is considered a yang location and consequently the dragon (in particular the green dragon) is listed because the most yang of all the feng shui animals. If you intend to grow a plant, then here is the best place recommended via feng shui practitioners.


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